Nobody can deny the fact that Bollywood is the last word when it comes to setting trends in the Indian fashion scenario. Starting from Mumtaz and Sadhna back then to Priyanka and Katrina now, and of course many more to come in the future, we cannot help but become victims of the fashion trends established by these celluloid goddesses. With such a large number of magazines and websites, it’s pretty hard to keep a track of who’s wearing what, who’s doing it right and who’s headed for a disaster, etc. Hence, we, a group of Bollywood fashion enthusiasts, have taken it upon ourselves the noble task of presenting Bollywood fashion updates that is relevant to you.

We swoon over their outfits, but let’s face it we can’t always wear what they wear in our everyday lives. This is where these innumerable designer-based fashion stores and shopping portals come into the picture. They create designer outfits based on the latest Bollywood trends that have been adapted to suit the tastes and requirements of the general public. But as much as some might claim, not every store or e-store sells such Bollywood-inspired designer outfits. This is where we come into the picture. What we do could be considered as bridging the gap between Bollywood filmi style and the style of the ‘aam junta’. We attempt to draw a parallel between the latest trends in Bollywood and the designer outfits which are genuinely influenced or inspired by these trends, and at the same time which are extremely ‘wearable’. Our dual function of keeping you informed of the latest Bollywood trends as well as guiding you as to how you can adapt these into your outfits along with where you can get hold of  such Bollywood-inspired stuff is sure to tempt you to check us out!!!

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