“NO NO” with Animal prints


Yes, Animal prints are in vogue and they look cool if you pair them with the right accessories and footwear. Even Bollywood loves Animal prints. In common world many people just follow trends blindly without thinking whether it suits them or not. Most of the people are confused on what to wear and how to create that extra glam with these outfits. Here are my tips that can surely help you-


Pairing Animal print outfit with an animal print accessory is a complete “NO NO”. Go with plain pastel colors when pairing animal prints to avoid being so loud. If you are wearing an animal print tunic top don’t pair it with a similar print bottoms as with the same hand, if you are wearing a top please don’t wear a similar print belt to avoid looking a fashion disaster.


If you are wearing an animal print outfit AVOID  heavy make-up.  Smoky eyes look cool and stylish and it also enhances your best feature i.e. eyes; but teaming it up with a an animal print outfit is a “NO NO”.  Avoid loud make-up rather opts for mild make up, simple lip gloss and kohl has been just perfect.


I simply love to accessorize my outfit and pair it with a matching jewelry.  Don’t wear a lot of accessories  like neck piece, earrings and rings. Go with one single statement piece. Nice hoop earrings or traditional jhumkas look cool with an animal saree. A simple tunic paired with a gold/silver studs is also a safe bet


Avoid sheer shinny stuff when pairing it with an animal print outfit. Go with earthy colors for right mix and match. Avoid shinny shimmery makeup until and unless for red carpet.


High heel boots are in demand but not in summers. I recently met someone who was a complete miss match. I saw her wearing ankle length boots (in summers of course) with neck pieces, earrings  along with same print accessories. She wore it all anything and everything she  could.

One should be always  careful on how and what  to pair especially  when it comes to fashion trends. Sleek high heel pumps or kitten heels looks perfect with an animal print outfit.  Animal prints are very classy and not everyone can carry it off well.

I hope it helps 🙂

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