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Blush is a perfect way that gives you a radiant glow and to compliment your skin tone.  A natural looking blush is an essential part of any modern women makeup routines. When applied correctly, it adds a subtle glow and a hint of color to the complexion. Basically, blush comes in either cream, powder, or liquid form that produces different results.  Make sure you use the right technique. Here are a few of my steps that will help you to select a perfect tone for your skin –



Aishwarya Rai


  •  You can choose from warm to cool tones. Cool tones include colors like plum, mauve, burgundy, pink, rose and berry while Warm tones include coral, copper, mocha, beige  and bronze. Select blush that is closest to your skin texture and looks natural. Select a shade that blends into your skin well. The color of your cheeks after the workout is the best suited tone for you as a blush.
  •  You can definitely play with the colors. Start with the base color like beige, honeysuckle or rose and then apply little bright colors over it.
  • Rosy cheeks and light pink lip gloss goes well with each other for a casual day look.
  • Always use a some shape blush brush that helps the casino blush to blend well into the skin. Use C motion style for perfect coverage.

Check out your favorite Bollywood stars in peachy pink Blush –


Deepika Padukone


Malliaka Arora Khan


Kareena Kapoor



Sonam Kapoor


  • Make the strokes from your cheeks towards the nose to the side of your ears that helps emphasize the facial bone structure
  • Use a clean dome brush for blending. Blending the key essential. Spread evenly.
  • You can always play with blush color. If you are going light on the lips go heavy on the cheeks or vice versa.
  • Excess blush can wipe out with the help of a tissue to avoid a clown like look.



Prapti Bagga Arora

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