Bollywood Celebs In Designer Stylish Drapes

I always wonder how Bollywood Celebs look so stylish in their Desi outfits.  Here are a few of the hottest look of the season.

“Ulta pallu style” is the most popular style of drape. Bollywood celebs who have a perfect hourglass figure. This is for Celebs who are slim, taller and a flat stomach. In this style of drape the pallu is placed around the left shoulder showing off their thin midriff.


Celebs like Deepika, Sonakshi, Anushka, Lara, Aishwarya and Sushmita loves this kind of drape. This style is well suited for those extra oomph and glam.

Sari-indian-celebrities-saree (17)


If you have little fuller body type go with ulta pallu but leave the pallu open rather than pinning it up. Full figured actress Vidya Balan loves to drape nine yards in this style.


“The Mumtaz style”  looks chic and stylish in this style of drape. It gives a fusion look to your saree. The style got popular in 60’s with a film star named “Mumtaz”. In this style you tightly drape your saree around your lower body several times that give your waistline a slimmer look.


Priyanka Chopra following the footsteps of actress Mumtaz…


“Desi girl style” is followed by many Bollywood actress Priyanka Maliaka, Kangna and Shilpa. This is perfect for women who have amazing ABS and waistline. In this style pallu is very narrow and covers only a part of the torso.The sleek pallu is placed between the breasts and showing off the toned ABS.




The Bollywood saree draped with a “designer blouse style”. Celebs like Sonakshi, Madhuri, Sonam, Kareena etc loves to drape a Bollywood chic saree with sexy backless designer blouses. The highlight is the neckline of the blouse which can be haltered, doori strap or tube top; stylishly paired with a Bollywood saree in their own unique way.

03ahana-wedding6  multti kari3

Now let me know what is your favorite style?

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