Bollywoodvogue x DressHead Harem Pants

Bollywoodvogue x DressHead Harem Pants – Distressed / Jeans / Blue

These roughed up harem pants inspired by bollywoodvogue and come in two different colors of blue: a light blue and a deep blue. There are holes and small rips throughout the jeans to give them a lived in and comfortable look. The legs taper in slightly at the ankle so that the pant legs do not swirl and swish around your ankles. They are comfortable and sexy. You can roll up the legs to create a capris like design. While they would never be professional and should not be worn to work or to a high falluting party, they can literally be worn anywhere else. Wear them dancing, wear them to play in the park with your friends, or wear them while walking along the avenue, window shopping with the girls. The measurements of these harem pants for the small (S) size are: the waist is 79centimeters;the hip is 97centimeters; and the length is 101centimeters.

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