Bridesmaid Limelight

You’re the star of the event. Well.. you can’t look as stunning as the bride herself, but when you’re a bridesmaid, you’ve got to come atleast  second best. No need to worry – you have plenty of options for bridesmaid outfits. You could wear a saree, a lehenga choli an anarkali or a salwar suit. Whichever style you choose, you’ve got plenty of choices to make sure you look as bright as the stars.

With sarees, you have traditional sarees, half n half sarees or half sarees. Choose from a wide range of colors, fabrics and decorative motifs, including zari work, stick crystals or simple sequins. You can now stylize your blouse depending on what kind of saree you choose. Cbazaar will soon have Innovative Blouses, a new way to customize your blouse by pairing it with different sleeves and patterns on the back & neck. Now, you can use the same blouse with different outfits and occasions. With suits, shoes are important because they can help in playing up your grand ethnic look. Jewelry, especially earrings can be a boon in highlighting your face when your outfit is stealing the show and adds elegance to your look as well. This is the case when the outfit for the night is a lehenga choli. Earrings and chokers are great accessories. When wearing salwars, another way to draw attention to yourself is wearing the right ring and carrying the right bag. Clutches are your best bet because they are compact and comfortable to carry. Clutches are also very easy to accessorize so you can find a clutch that perfectly matches your outfit.

Here, we’ve picked some of our favorite celebrity wedding looks and what Cbazaar has to offer on splendid bridesmaid dresses.







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Here’s what we have in store for you to be the stellar bridesmaid at Cbazaar.














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