Cowl Drapes Extravaganza

The latest trend that’s making its mark on the fashion arena is the Cowl Drape. These cowl drapes are elegant outfits that are trending at the moment in party scenes across Bollywood. An added benefit to cowl drapes is that they can be worn for semi-formal events. With cowl drapes you now have a stylish outfit for your next office event. These can also be worn to traditional events like a wedding reception of say, a colleague or a friend.

Since cowl drapes are a blend of traditional and urban, they are easy to accessorize. When it comes to footwear, urban pumps work best, in colors like black and white. If you choose to go ethnic, minimal decorations that blend in with the cowl drape design would be a good choice. Modern jewelry like silver, platinum and whitestones necklaces would compliment the urban feel of the cowl drape and make you look sharp and sophisticated. Choose to wear a watch rather than bracelets or bangles to further enhance the semi-formal appeal of the outfit. When it comes to bags, for the formal look, try clutches in dark tones. If you’d rather go ethnic, try bags or clutches that match the jacket of the cowl drape.

Here are some of our favorite celebrities who rock in cowl drapes. Finally, we have a list of cowl drapes from Cbazaar.


Kareen Kapoor in a superb black cowl drape with a patterned jacket and black pumps. She looks as elegant as ever!

karishma 2karishma

Sister Karishma Kapoor in a shining white cowl drape with gold decorative motifs and a white bag. She chose to go ethnic with a simple white kada and gold hoop earrings.


Priyanka Chopra in a sleek black cowl drape with gold patterns on the top, stylish gold heels and traditional gold earrings.

Here’s a list of what we have in store for you at Cbazaar including our DIY cowl drapes.










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