Going Backless with Ethnic Outfits!

Nothing says stylish and elegant like a backless dress. You know what would be a stunning combination? Backless ethnic outfits. Be it anarkalis, lehenga cholis or saree cholis, going backless is a sure-fire way to blaze a trail at any event. And there are plenty of ways to prepare yourself for and style your backless ethnic outfit.

The choli or blouse, having gotten international status, is easily the most styled aspect of the saree or lehenga. A stylish blouse adds an extra dimension to your outfit. You could change the front, back, collar or neck, sleeves and add extra stuff to it to make it look uber-stylish. Let’s take a look at some of these styles and additions with the help of our favorite Bollywood celebrities.

1. Blouse with additions:


Celina Jaitley in a blouse with fancy additions on the back and a new way to style sleeves. This pretty much confirms that you can let your imagination do its job when you want to design your own blouse. And we’re only on the first picture!

2. Blouse with cross-straps:


Sreya Saran in a backless cross-strapped blouse. The gold looks on any ethnic Indian outfit and does wonders to the Indian skin-tone! The back of your blouse can hold any pattern or design, or go simple yet elegant with an embellished border.

3. The strapless blouse:


Here’s a completely strapless blouse on Shilpa Shetty that got us happy, and the silver embellishments make a world of difference. One thing you want to remember while styling your blouse is to make sure that you don’t add too many embellishments to ensure that your choli remains comfortable.

4. Halter neck blouse:


The simplest of all, the halter neck blouse with a tie-up around the back. A timeless design that adds oomph to your saree or lehenga. And it’ll look good on anyone! You could substitute the tie-up with a simple strap or a halter-neck design of your choice. You won’t have to put too much effort into looking good with this design.

5. Blouse with tie-ups:


Ms. Padukone in an embellished blouse with a knot on the back, simple sleeves and a beaded bow. Another timelesss classic if you want to look formal without compromising on your ideas while designing your saree blouse.


Another blouse with tie-ups on the back, only this time it’s with matching tags, and who else to better pull it off than Vidya Balan. Another design that you don’t have to try too hard to look good in.

6. Crop-top blouse:


Sonam Kapoor in a cropped-top blouse worn with a cowl dress. Uber-comfy but still stylish.

7. Bare arm and back blouse:


Your arms are left bare in this piece with a beaded collar and a hooked back. Wear if you dare!

These designs pretty much show that blouses can be anything you want them to be. And what respite when you need to be in a blazing hot ethnic Indian outfit for a traditional occasion! If simple and classic is your idea for the night, go ahead with mid-length sleeves and a low back. This would look great with classic silk sarees. If you’re shy and don’t want to reveal too much skin, try blouses with a sheer back. It reveals just enough while covering your back at the same time. Or go wild and imaginative with your blouse design for the next wedding or party and rest assured you’ll love it.

Whatever design you chose for your blouse, every woman needs to try a backless outfit for the confidence it gives you when you know you look good in one!

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