The Valentines of the Tinsel Town of Bollywood

The B-town celebrities have their own style and mantra while celebrating Valentine’s Day. For them it is not all about love, love, and more love but their lifestyle too. They want to flaunt their panache with their partner. Let’s read on how these celebrities boost their partner’s love through the gifts shared, on how they try to dress, and how they make each other feel special. Perhaps, even you can get an idea from them on how to impress your soul mate on this love-filled occasion.

Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan


Compatibilty: Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have always been considered the awesome couple in Bollywood and they have proved it immense number of times through their love for each other.

Showers of Love: Shah Rukh Khan, usually being the most romantic out of the two, showers his lady love with lavish gifts. Last year he gifted his wife flowers, box of chocolates, and a swanky Mercedes as a Valentine’s gift. But his most memorable gift was presented even before 2016 Valentine’s Day: HIS TIME. Despite his busy schedule, he managed to spend some time with Gauri Khan in a famous Mumbai club, giving her all the love, time, and attention. So all the busy men out there, it is high time to take a hint from him and impress your partner by spending time with her if you aren’t.

Coziness: The couple always has a quite dinner with each other in a five-star restaurant or usually spends time with their children.


Attire: During Valentine’s Day, they try wearing attires of the same color. Like in the above image, Shah Rukh Khan is seen wearing a classy black suit with a black shirt and Gauri Khan is seen wearing a figure-hugging leather pants topped with an A-symmetrical black spaghetti top, minimal makeup, and minimal accessories.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh


Compatibilty: DeepVeer were all hush-hush about their relationship last year. But you know what they say, pictures speak a thousand words, and in no time they were out and about. They were and are considered one of the stunning pairs in Bollywood. They have a 10/10 compatibility, let it be onscreen or offscreen.

Showers of Love: Ranveer Singh is fun-loving yet a romantic partner. He gifted Deepika Pudakone a golden Bottega Veneta Knot clutch, which she chose to accessorize with a black saree in an award function. Rumors are rife that Ranveer Singh had also presented Deepika a golden, circlular-shaped pendant that has “Love” engraved in it. Now isn’t that the sweetest gift?

Coziness: This couple likes spending time with each other over a dinner in a Chinese or a Cantonese restaurants. In few other occasions, they like flying off to romantic islands to spend alone time with each other.

Attires: Both have an immense sense of style but in completely different ways. Ranveer Singh tries to go out of the box and wears clothes that are all prints and jazzy, while Deepika likes to choose subtle colors with a bling here and there. Whatever it is, they both carry the style which youth rave and follow nowadays, thus making them a style statement.

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan


Compatibility: Kareena Kapoor Khan and beau Saif Ali Khan are the coolest couple in B-town and though there is a lot of age gap between them, they show and prove that “age is just a number.”

Showers of Love: Saif Ali Khan had gifted 17-inch steel grey laptop to his gadget-freak spouse Kareena Kapoor, while the actress gifted him a destination holiday with first-class flight tickets plus Swiss chalet-type accommodation. Kareena had once also demanded a diamond gift from Saif on a Valentine’s Day, proving her crave for diamonds like every other woman.

Coziness: The couple likes to spend their time with each other at home during such occasions. They would prefer chilling with their family and friends. During other free time, they like to travel abroad to islands like Maldives to have some romantic time.

Attire: During the last Valentine’s Day the two looked chilled out with all the pictures doing the round of both of them standing next to each other cupped with lots of love. Her cool black t-shirt with black jeans and nude makeup minus the accessories and his blue and white checked shirt and blue torn jeans plus the swanky watch added to the coolness.

Alia Bhatt and Sidhart Malhotra


Compatibility: Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra have been seen a lot together now and rumors have it that they have moved in together and this Valentines, they will be seen promoting their upcoming movie Kapoor and Sons. Though these two are all quite about their relationship, their compatibility and chemistry is undeniable.

Showers of Love: Though not a Valentine’s Day gift yet, Sidharth did gift his rumored lady love a high-end camera from the US, which is designed especially for the selfie buffs. And Alia Bhatt who is a selfie and a gadget freak, loved his gift. So, now do you understand that you actually need to “know” your partner’s likes so as to gift something that she/he is going to love? Learn from Sidharth.

Coziness: The two enjoy surprising each other by travelling with them to places where they can party and have fun. Being the quirky youths of today, both Alia and Sidharth love to hang out with each other where there is lot of music and drinks like New York. Now that’s a new and cool way to celebrate Valentine’s, right? Get a hint?

Attire: Alia likes to flaunt her legs with flair, short dresses while Sidharth likes to wear those cool, not-so-bright tees with faded or torn jeans. Sound familiar, doesn’t it? That is because they wear clothes just like us. They have this cool, down-to-earth style in them and their attires.

So, if you like any of these couples’ style and their romantic side, go ahead, try to brush yourself a little like them to impress your girl/guy this Valentines. And don’t remember that box of chocolate with other gifts, obviously.

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