Incredible Indian Sari

India is the land of diversity in culture and it is an origin for the versatile costume called saree. Indian sari is very famous for its luxurious fabric and embellishments. Saree is a common dress code of Indian women and draped in 10 to 15 varieties of styles throughout India. Indian sari is suitable to all females of age 16 and above .People of each state have their own trend of ethnic wear for wedding and other festival celebrations. Banarasi, Paithani and kanjeevaram silk are the most famous Indian sari. Across India all provinces possess their own fabric and weave pattern. The inimitable arty motif on Indian sari resembles the traditional values and cultural heritage. Though saree is five thousand years old costume still it’s in race to override a current modern style of dress codes. Today a typical Indian saree features so many differences and creative designs that suits to the current trend which made many people to turn towards it.

Fashion saree featuring artistic embroidery and other decorative designs are highly preferred by teen girls for all occasions. There many new innovative designs and traits are added on Indian saree to produce perfect trendy attire. There are professional Indian designers working hard to produce a unique collection of Indian saree to fulfill the desire of fashion lovers. Other than embroidery design saree few more exclusive style saree is also available at very affordable cost. One of the exclusive collections is lehenga style saree. This is an Indian saree with innovative differences and mostly used as a bridal wear.
It is a heavy embellished and luxurious saree as like a kanjeevaram silk saree.

There are designer sarees with eye catching embellishments at affordable rate. One among that is cord saree. The word cord is name of the design on the saree. Like embroidery pattern cord is also an attractive pattern of decoration.

Lara Dutta In Green Sari

Lara Dutta

The above is a picture of lara dutta miss universe of the year 2000.She is one of the successful heroine of Bollywood industry. The charm green cord saree is adding beauty to this Bollywood beauty. Saree features a cord pattern on the floral design which gives a stylish look. Though this cord saree is available in all stores very few are perfectly designed and promoted for sale. Here the two cord sarees sage olive shade and black features a same floral design cord work as on lara dutta. This exclusive collection is highly preferred by teen girls and women than the old females. Chase this beautiful saree through online stores for fast delivery.

Fashion Saree As On Celebrity

Fashion Saree

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