The Saree Tradition

Colors in every shade imaginable and sinuous patterns and motifs brought to life by fancy thread work, prints and crystal & bead embellishments on myriad fabrics. Sarees, half-sarees, half-n-half sarees for every occasion. From humble beginnings in cotton to grand sarees in fine silk with zari work, sarees have come a long way into being the go-to ethnic Indian outfit for every Indian woman for work or for wedding occasions like receptions or sangeets.

Have you ever thought about how this unavoidable piece of fashion has to take its current shape and style? Let’s take a brief look at how the saree has evolved through the ages:

Usually between 5 to 9 yards long, the saree has always been women’s attire right from era of the Indus Valley. It has been discovered that saris were originally worn without a mundu or choli but the concept evolved eventually in the 10th century AD. The navel was intentionally left bare as it was thought to be the source of all life and creativity. (Source: Wikipedia). Red wedding sarees have always been a tradition, usually made of silk but have now come to be made of georgette, crepe, satin, silk cotton, etc.

Sarees have always been traditional outfits for women in South Asia, with every country in the region and within the Indian subcontinent evolving its own style of draping for different occasions. In India, sarees also came to be made of different fabrics for different occasions sourced from various parts of India like Benaras, Chanderi, Coimbatore, Assam, Bhagalpur, Orisssa, Rajasthan, Mysore, Kancheepuram, Bengal, Pochampally, Sambalpuri, etc. The methods employed to make sarees have also changed over the years beginning with weaving.

These sarees have also evolved to sport brilliant embroidery, prints, colors, dyes and embellishments depending on the occasion/place to which it is to be worn. Embellishments take the form of mirror-work, bead-work, crystals, tikki work, patch-work, stone-work and embellished appliques. Recent times have shown the development and rise in popularity of designer sarees and Bollywood celebrity inspired sarees. These inspired sarees have come to wield much influence on people. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite star’s in sarees:

vidya balan silk sare3e

Vidya Balan in a classic silk saree.

Sridevi in a gold party-wear saree with embellishments.

rekha silk saree

pri cho

Priyanka Chopra in a saree well draped!


We love the bindi-saree combination on Deepika Padukone.


Kareena Kapoor with Saif in a saree paired with a backless blouse.


Katrina Kaif in an embellished pink saree.


Malaika Arora-Khan looking as good as ever in a halter-neck blouse.

anushka sharma

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