Six times when Bollywood made us proud to be Indians

Bollywood and patriotism go hand in hand. There are numerous movies made on this subject but there a few that really make it to the top. Independence day is not complete without watching a  patriotic movie. A look at half a dozen of the more recent and favorite movies to watch over the weekend

Chak De


The movie is about a disgraced former hockey player who coaches the Indian women’s hockey team and regains dignity and honor. He unites the team overcoming their varied backgrounds to win the hockey championship. Using hockey as the main subject the movie also explores larger issues like sexism, prejudice on the basis of religion and ethnicity




A legendary patriotic movie based on the real life incident at Longewala in Rajasthan where a small battalion of soldiers go up against Pakistan soldiers. The film had a big star cast and highlights the bond between the soldiers and their stories back homes.


Rang de Basanti


With a large star cast led by Aamir Khan, Rang de Basanti is a movie about an english filmmaker who comes to India to film a documentary about the freedom struggle. It redefined patriotism and connected strongly with the current generation. Five young men join to act in the documentary and get caught up in real life fight for justice and relive the freedom tale. An award winning movie with a chart topping music album.




This movie is set in a small village and revolves around the farmers who are forced to pay high taxes. They attempt to negotiate with the British who propose to have a cricket match and taxes will be cancelled if they win it. The rest of the movie shows their struggles in learning the game and how it decides their fate. Nominated for the Oscars, Lagaan is a very well made movie with Aamir Khan playing the lead.




A war drama starring Hrithik Roshan who from a misguided youth becomes the Lieutenant leading his troops to victory over the Pakistanis. This is a fictional portrayal of the Kargil conflict. Preity ZInta plays a bold and outspoken journalist who covers the war.


Legend of Bhagat Singh

legend of bhagat singh

This is the story of a young revolutionary who single handedly started a resistance against the British rule. Starring Ajay Devgan as Bhagat Singh this is a very well made biopic of the freedom fighter which captures his passion and love for the country. The most memorable movie made on Bhagat Singh till date.

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