Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Ekta kapoor’s latest movie “Once Upon A Time In Mumbai” recently hit the theatres. The film is set primarily in 1970 Mumbai. It’s based on underworld. The movies follow the rise of underworld in Mumbai. It shows the conflict between Sultan (Ajay Devgan), and when his protégé Shoaib (Emraan Hashmi). Sultan was ruling Mumbai but latter Shoaib challenges his supremacy.

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Pearl Jewelry in Bollywood

The most universal forms pearl jewelry are the pearl necklace, bracelet, bangles, rings, earrings, anklets. There are various types of costume jewelry designs in market. Pearl Armlets and pearl anklets are also very popular from ancient times. Even in bollywood designer pearl jewelry has been considered as one of the most beautiful and graceful piece of jewelry. Since long it’s

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