Bollywood Chiffon sarees

Sarees have been known for their exclusivity because of the design, fabric and materials. Bollywood always has a deep impact on our lifestyle. The fashion trend is prevalent more among the women population who are always influenced by the glamour of the Bollywood fashion industry. For any events, parties, festivals or weddings Bollywood chiffon sarees are ideal. Chiffon, georgette and

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Traditional Bandhani

Bandhani is the way of creating patterns on the cloth. Bandhani or Bandhej work comes from Gujarat. “Bandhani” in Hindi language means “Bandhan” which means “tying up”. Bandhani was introduced in Jamnagar when the city was founded hundreds of years ago. This city has now become one of the centers of bandhani. Bandhej is an ancient art practiced by people

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