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Bandhani is the way of creating patterns on the cloth. Bandhani or Bandhej work comes from Gujarat. “Bandhani” in Hindi language means “Bandhan” which means “tying up”. Bandhani was introduced in Jamnagar when the city was founded hundreds of years ago. This city has now become one of the centers of bandhani. Bandhej is an ancient art practiced by people mainly of Rajasthan, Gujarat. Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Bikaner and Jamnagar are among the important centers producing sarees, chunni, skirts, lehengas and turbans in bandhani creating new pattern and experimenting with colors. Bandhani is also very popular attire in bollywood fashion. It looks graceful with lots of vibrant colors in it. Bollywood beauties look beautiful in traditional bandhej outfit.

bandhani saree

Priyanaka Chopra is looking beautiful in traditional bandhej designer saree. Tri color red brown and orange saree with typical pattern is looking beautiful on her.


Fabrics used for bhandej normally ranges from cotton, chiffon, organza, silk, kadi, satin cotton, brocade and raw silk.


Different type of work can be seen on bandhej saree like embroidery work, zari work, gotta, etc. Mirror work is very popular on bandhani. It adds on to the look of the fabric. For weddings, silver and gold embroidery is done on the Bandhani, giving it a very graceful and rich look.


The process of tie and dye is time consuming and is to be done with care. First the cloth is tied at several places. Tie and dye is repeated several times until all the colors, patterns and shades required for the planned design have been incorporated. The darker colors are done in the last. The cloth is then dipped into dye several times . It is then taken out and dried.


Their unique patterns and designs makes them look very beautiful. If more than  design is to be made, the saree is then tied again according to the design and then dipped into a different colored dye. Bandhej is the skillful manipulation of the fingers for tying, extensive knowledge of color schemes and skill in dyeing materials. It takes several years to perfect his knowledge and skill.


Bandhani sarees are very famous all over for their bright vibrant colors.The main colors used in Bandhani are yellow, orange, bright pink, green, red and black. The most commonly used patterns in this technique are  circles, polka dots, squares and stripes. These Stripes is famously known as Laheriya which are in pattern of uneven waves. Traditionally, only bright colors were used on bandhej  but now a days as  fashion is catching up even light pastel and English shades are gaining popularity.

saree bandhani

Single color sarees,chunni and suits with white spots are also common. It is done with a single color. Single is used for the pattern and design. Like waves, dots, stripes,squares or circle. It is usually red and green. The most famous of this type is the Gujarati saree called Garchola. South Indian actress Jyothika is wearing white and green bandhani saree with sterling silver earrings in her ears she is completing her traditional Indian clothing.


This splendid green saree includes red patch along the border embellished with sequins, zari and gota patti in round motifs. Saree features bandhani dyed buttis along with gota patti in floral motifs. Coupled with blouse in green with bandhani dyed buttis. Sleeves border is similar to saree border.Its an Italian crepe.

pic 1

This prettiest unusual combo of pink and khaki saree is beautiful. The border is embellished with sequins, beads, zardosi and resham embroidered floral design. Saree features pink dyed round patches with white bandhani work embellished with sequins. Pallu in pink features white bandhani work in criss cross pattern along with floral motifs embellished with sequins and mirror sequins. Comes with matching blouse with embellished sleeves. This is an Italian crepe saree.


A traditional saree in red is great for festive moments. With beige and cream patch along the border is embellished with sequins, stones, beads and zardosi. Saree displays bandhani printed motifs along with golden woven checks. Sequins, stones and zardosi in floral motifs further enhance the saree. Coupled with blouse in red with golden woven checks. Sleeves border is similar to saree border.This is an Italian crepe saree.


This traditional designer bandhani printed saree would be a great inclusion in your wardrobe. Maroon saree with green patch along the border is embellished with sequins, stones, beads, zardosi and zari embroidered floral motifs. Saree features bandhini print design along with green appliqué with sequins, stones and beads in floral design motifs arranged in a checkered pattern. Enhanced with woven golden checks. Pallu in green is sparkled with sequins buttis along with sequins, stones, beads and zari embroidered floral motifs. Blouse in maroon features bandhini print. Sleeves in green feature embellishments.


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By- Prapti Bagga Arora

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