Yours Truly, Bollywood Vogue

By Arya Vasanth Nair

Dear EthnoVoguettes,
Have you ever wondered about a place where every outfit would look perfect? Where it doesn’t matter what your color or size is or how tall or short you are? A place with stunning designs, perfect fit, every size and where anyone can become their own designer. Sounds like fashion heaven doesn’t it? That is what I am. Wondering who I am? My name is Bollywood Vogue and one thing I ask everyone is “I am trending, are you?”. I am designed by EthnoStylists (designers) from around the world. A lot of you have heard about me or have seen one aspect of me. Today I will introduce myself to you and by that, I mean all the special features of me that you may or may not know of. So here are the things that you need to know about me:

The Tempting Designs

I understand the disappointment of not seeing the latest trends and designs and hence I have all the latest and most trending styles and designs and in almost every category. From Lehengas, Salwars to Gown and Sarees, I have everything you would need to make a wardrobe that will always bring a smile to your face.

The ‘No Size Restriction’ Rule

The No Size Restriction Rule
My beauties, I know we come in all sizes and hence I am size free. Does the world categorize you into plus size or skinny? Well stop living in their world and enter my world for here we rock whatever we have proudly. Size doesn’t matter to me because I believe that fashion is fun without any size tags.

Made To The Measure Of Your Exclusive Shape

Made To The Measure Of Your Exclusive Shape
Exclusivity is your right and so I am a one-of-a-kind outfit that is custom stitched to your measurements. I like being that piece of outfit in your wardrobe that is made to measure, to fit you perfectly just the way you like it. I get every single minute measurement to the dot so that we can become the best of the best companions.

A Closet Full Of Your Mix-N-Matched Designs

A Closet Full Of Your Mix-N-Matched Designs
I love how I look but you might not and that’s why I give you the option to pick anything from any of my looks and put together your favorite look. I know there is a designer in you that wants to experiment with every single look and I stand by you and let you pick anything from me and create a look that will blow everyone’s mind.

One Fabric Many Looks

One Fabric Many Looks
To those who have fallen in love with my fabrics, I have something special for you. You might be someone who likes the simple, elegant or dressy look or just who prefers a Saree over a Lehenga and I get that and that is why I have one single fabric created in so many styles, looks, and designs. Pick any fabric and get it done in any design that we have. Unbelievable isn’t it?

Premium Fabrics

I love you and care about you more than anyone else and hence I only have superior quality fabrics. I come in the most beautiful premium Indian fabrics. From embroidery, prints to sequins to beads, I come in all your favorite embellishments.

Wedding Collection

Wedding Collection
Are you a bride looking for some outfits for her pre-wedding ceremonies or are you her family looking to dazzle at her wedding or are you her bridesmaid squad? Whoever you may be I am what you need for I am what every wedding dream is made off. Walking down the aisle with me as your closest friend is just another word for breathtakingly beautiful.

You have seen how I look in sketch now see how I would look if you wore me. I will always look exactly the same be it in a sketch or in reality.

Sketch to Reality

You still find it hard to believe me? Here what your fellow EthnoVogette had to say about me.


I have won your heart, haven’t I? Well, then what are you waiting for? Shop till you have created your magical wardrobe.

Yours Truly,
Bollywood Vogue


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